Story telling

hopeGrowing up in a farming community, I learned that in telling a story you were expected to stretch the truth and add the details that would have been true, were this a perfect world. That type of story is often confused with Marketing, especially at a horse or cattle sale.

Among those storytellers, the word “lie” had no meaning. Information either made a story better or it didn’t. You’d no more expect complete truth from those guys than you would from a talk show host or a used car salesman. If you wanted the truth, ya should ’a bought a newspaper. And you shouldn’t be masquerading as an adult if you’re fool enough to believe anything you hear while drinking beer with the boys in the horse barn. Life would be simpler and the professional spinners of tall tales, such as politicians and stock brokers, might be more appreciated if this were widely understood. We could also relax and enjoy the political primaries instead of testing how high blood pressure can go.

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