25 Days of “Doc’s Codicil.”

This week, be the FIRST to answer ANY ONE of the following question and win a FREE audio copy of Doc’s Codicil.   Send you answers to www.garyfjones.com/contact

2. One-humped camels are _________ camels

3. The top two milk producing states in the U.S. are _______ and _______

4. Name three of the four top beer brewers who gave Milwaukee its reputation for beer production in the 1800s? Last names are sufficient (all are famous beer names).

5. Average low temperature in December in Medford, WI? (Colder than a witch’s tit, while true, is not the answer that will win.)

6. The only remaining wild dromedary camels today are found in _______?

7. ________ is a puffed corn snack coated with a mixture of cheese or cheese-flavored powders.

8. The capitol city of Wisconsin is situated between 4 lakes. Name the two largest.

All answers can be found on common search engines.
Watch for new questions in a few days.

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