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9.  The office of the Chancellor of the University of WI-Madison is in _______, a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
10. Heileman’s Old Style beer was brewed in ________, WI from 1872 to 1966.
11. The Memorial Union student center in Madison, WI, is known for the _________, a pub adjacent to the lake terrace.
12. The _____ river flows past Pittsville, WI, the 409th largest city in Wisconsin (population, 878).
13. Most of the Amish are bilingual, speaking _____________ at home and in church.
14. Three rivers join the Mississippi in or near La Crosse, WI. Name two of them.
15. Longhorn is a style of semi-hard, mild cheese named for _______, the central WI town where it was first made.
16. _________ Hall, Madison, is the place to go for the best damned ice cream in Wisconsin.
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