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Name three of the four top beer brewers who gave Milwaukee its reputation for beer production in the 1800s.        

The only remaining wild dromedary camels today are found in ___________

The capitol city of Wisconsin is situated between 4 lakes. Name the two largest.

The office of the Chancellor of the University of WI-Madison is in _______, a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Heileman’s Old Style beer was brewed in ­­­­­­________, WI from 1872 to 1966.

The Memorial Union student center in Madison, WI, is known for the _________, a German pub adjacent to the lake terrace.  

The _____ river flows past Pittsville, WI, the 409th largest city in Wisconsin (population, 878).

The mascot of the University of WI-Madison athletic teams is named ________  _________.

There are _____ universities in the Big 10, the oldest Division I collegiate athletic conference in the United States.

“. . . run the ball clear round Chicago, touch down sure this time,” is from an old version of the UW-Madison fight song. Why did it reference Chicago?

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