Doc's Codicil

Doc’s Codicil

A work of fiction based loosely on my years in veterinary practice. 2015 IndieFab Bronze medal winner for humor. When Wisconsin veterinarian Doc dies, his family and nephew learn that to inherit his fortune, they must decipher the cryptic codicil he added to his will—“Take Doofus squirrel-fishing”—and they can only do that by talking to Doc's friends, reading his book, searching through his emails and papers, and discovering the clues around them.


Christine Desemt

Mystery author, faculty associate and director, Write-by-the-Lake Writer’s Workshop & Retreat, University of Wisconsin-Madison (July 7, 2015).

"Doc’s Codicil by Gary F. Jones is entertaining, wise, and filled with touches of magical realism. I enjoyed following Doc—a dairy veterinarian—on his rounds with his unlikely guardian angel called Doofus. Doc’s family troubles and the authentic details of small-town life are charming and keep the plot moving at a good pace. And what the animals do (and think!) during the local Christmas Nativity play is downright hilarious. If you enjoyed movies where actor Jimmy Stewart conversed with a tall rabbit named Harvey and the angel Clarence in his search for wisdom, you’ll “get” this imaginative debut novel."

Irene McIntosh

(Bookseller) on NetGalley, July 1, 2015

“Really enjoyed this book. It has been a very long time since an author has made me laugh out loud. A life lesson engagingly told. Take more time for squirrel fishing, deep water marine especially!”

Carolyn McVicker-Wilson

(Reviewer) on NetGalley, Aug 24, 2015

 “This book is quite quirky and very much of the love it or hate it school of writing. I loved it and was pleased to find a plot that was out of the ordinary.”

Carol Wichman

(Bookseller) on Netgallery, July 17, 2015

“Humor was great. . .”

Paul France

(Bookseller) on Netgallery, August 5, 2015

This is one of those stories where the recently deceased leaves the descendants some puzzles to solve before they can receive the inheritance goodies. There’s the good girl, the guy who thinks it’s a waste of time, and other stock characters, though their interactions and thought processes as they try to solve the puzzles are stimulating enough. But most of the story is taken up by two historical threads, which are described in a book that is where the characters most look for clues. One concerns the dead man’s life as a veterinarian, while the other involves a Christmas pageant where everything that can go wrong does.

“I will say that I learned far too much about veterinary medicine than could possibly be good for me. The humor sneaks up on you, especially with the character—if you can call him that—of Doofus (drawn faithfully and hilariously on the cover), although the crown of best individual goes to Gladys the camel. Though it seems to meander at times, in the end it does lead exactly to where the inheritance hunters need to go, if they can figure it out.”“If nothing else, whenever I need to get away from someone I can’t stand, I can say that I’m taking Doofus squirrel fishing. . .”

Susan Rae

(Educator) on Netgallery, August 22, 2015

“Great book with interesting storyline. Lots of humour and I am left with a life long memory of Doofus going squirrel fishing!! A very enjoyable read.”

Karen O’Hare

(Reviewer) on Netgallery, August 14, 2015

“. . . At times, this book was 'laugh out loud' funny and also poignant as the siblings work together to discover what was happening in Doc's life before he died. . . The book is well-researched and clearly shows the author's understanding of bovine matters!”

Nanette Tredoux

(Educator) on Netgallery, August 5,2015

. . .  I found the background about veterinary science and farming fascinating, but I don't expect all readers will. . . .  I liked it best when the author, through the character of Doc, made gentle fun of human foibles and priorities. . . ”

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