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Stalking Throckmorton

Chris Throckmorton searches for his great-grandfather’s hidden fortune in an eccentric village as he’s stalked by a lonely divorcee, a con man, an ex-wife, a crooked mayor, and a phantom killer.

I invented the strangest surname I could think of for my protagonist when I set out to write this story. Imagine my surprise when I typed in Throckmorton and my spell checker corrected my spelling to Throckmorton. Gary Jones

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New Project

Iceman (Working Title)

Grant Farnsworth, a post-doctoral student, veterinarian, and virologist at the University of Minnesota and Dr. Sybil Erypet of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) struggle to save the country from a deadly viral epidemic as the oddball citizens of a snowbound Wisconsin village clash with authorities and assist Grant in corralling the drug dealers who unwittingly unleashed the threat.

Last Gasp (Working Title)

Nancy finds a wealthy client dead in his entry, apparently from a heart attack, but Throckmorton notices that rare books, sterling, and expensive artwork are missing. Bodies accumulate and Nancy and Throckmorton survive a murder attempt as they search for the killers.

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