Gary F. Jones

My Background

Sometimes it seems my life has been a testament to bad judgement and wishful thinking. However, my wife of many years says she knows of nothing in the record to justify such unfettered optimism.

I'm a member of the last generation of rural veterinarians who remembers working with cows that had names and personalities and dairymen who worked in the barn with their families. I'm also part of the first wave of Baby Boomers, crusty codgers who are writing their wills and grousing about kids who can be damned condescending at times.

I'm an MSU grad (1969). I practiced bovine medicine in rural Wisconsin (La Crosse, New Richmond, Medford, and for 12 years in Marshfield) for nineteen years, returned to graduate school at the University of Minnesota, earned a PhD in microbiology, and spent the next nineteen years working in R&D on bovine and swine vaccines. I retired in December, 2012. Since then I've devoted myself to torturing the English language.

My Writing Roots

Don't be fooled. They weren't that innocent.

I've always enjoyed writing and telling stories, and when you make as many mistakes as I do, you have a lot of stories to tell. I practiced writing by writing Christmas letters that documented the stupid things I and my kids did over a 30 year period. Since no one wants to read a long letter, I learned to be concise.

The picture is from 30 years ago.


My Style

At least so far, I've started my books by imagining a scene and building a story from that. I wouldn't recommend that to anyone, as it has taken years to write each book.

Even when I've tried to be serious, the books come out as comedies.

Upcoming Titles

Stalking Throckmorton

Stalking Throckmorton is a comic romance/mystery. Chris Throckmorton searches for assets his great-grandfather stashed under the family’s small town brewery eighty years ago, unaware that a  divorcee, a local con man, and his ex-wife have plans of their own--and none of them are prepared for the murder and burglary that raise the stakes.

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